WHO Pandemic Treaty to Override Constitutions

WHO Pandemic Treaty to Override Constitutions

As if we haven’t had enough authoritarian overreach and dystopia, the World Health Organization has announced an unprecedented power grab in the form of their proposed Pandemic Treaty.

Of course, it’s greenwashed and helpful sounding. I mean, who doesn’t want a plan in place to keep everyone safe and healthy? But let’s be realistic, folks. The WHO has proven themselves incapable of such a feat. They’ve failed miserably during Covid, so why should we trust them with such broad sweeping worldwide power? Should any one agency be granted that much power at all? Absolutely not. 

This treaty would hand WHO the keys to global government. Once handed over, we’re not getting those keys back. If you’re paying attention, it’s alarming. The proposed Treaty would override the Constitutions of all nations. It would place enormous power into the hands of very few. The WHO would have the ability to force testing and experimental treatments for everyone on earth, only at their own discretion. Your state and US Constitution? Null and void. And let’s not forget, The WHO has changed the definition of ‘pandemic’ making it extremely easy to call just about anything going around a ‘pandemic.’ 

Under the proposal, if a nation were to fail to report illness, or to follow through with WHO approved treatment (experimental genetic modification therapy, anyone?) they could face serious sanctions and withholding of aid. This could be detrimental to lesser developed countries.

In a recent video interview, Dr. Tess Lawrie of World Council for Health explained the actions they’re taking to stop this tyrannical proposal. It’s a David vs Goliath mission for this grassroots organization. Let’s do what we can: donate to support their efforts, send in our comments to WHO and also our elected officials. And don’t forget to pray.

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