Wars Aren’t Won From The Sofa

Wars Aren't Won From The Sofa - Imagine With Erin

Sometimes I talk to people who see the vision of operating within the private domain. They get it, they’re certain, and they’re ready to get started right away. Other times, I consult with someone who sees the vision, but they’re afraid. If that’s you, I’m talking to you today.

If you believe in the Constitutional freedoms provided by our founding fathers and you see the need for Private Associations in our current climate but you’re holding back because you’re afraid or unsure, I have a couple things for you to consider.

First, I understand where you’re coming from. Our fear of change evolved as self preservation. The reptilian brain will do anything to keep you safe, which to your primitive brain simply means never doing anything new as long as you live.

To this I could say, not to worry! If you have properly formed documents and you’re maintaining your association in private, there’s a long history of Supreme Court decisions finding in favor of the Private Association. For every story of a PMA that didn’t ‘hold up in court’ I could show you a PMA that had made mistakes in their documents or their execution of them, or even an attorney who didn’t understand what they were defending. I could say that. But today I’m saying something different.

We are at war. 

If you want to look back on this time and tell a story of victory, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. Wars aren’t won from the sofa. You may need to get a little uncomfortable. You may need to take some calculated risks. You may even need to defend your choice to live by the Constitution in a court of law. The entire point of this is that we need numbers on the side of truth, on the side of justice. It’s time to tip the scales.

Are you going to just wait and see if anyone else is braver than you…and let the clock keep ticking and the enemy continue to gain ground? Or are you going to rise and stand for what’s RIGHT? 

Because I can promise you this: 

No one has ever, in the history of the universe, ‘complied’ their way out of tyranny. 

Read that again.

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