The Next Planned Pandemic

The next pandemic is already being planned

Prior to Spring 2020, how many of us believed our government would take the liberty to shut down so many businesses, schools and churches? Until we actually lived it, that was the stuff of science fiction. Well, there’s reason to believe another round of shutdowns are coming. Now that the systems are in place, it will be that much easier to accomplish. Are you ready?

The next pandemic is already being planned. As with corona in the days leading up to the release, there is now much discussion, revenue earmarking and vaccine planning going into…ebola. One might wonder why a virus as rare as this would have so many talking about it. It’s not airborne. It’s not prevalent in the Western world. And yet our leaders (ahem, many unelected), are suddenly very concerned about ebola. Hmmmmm.

Biotech researcher Karen Kingston explains exactly what our government has been up to in the ebola planning department. I share this not to alarm you, but to prepare you. I highly recommend watching her interview to better understand the risks we face, to arm with facts over fear. 

Beyond the physical risks of ebola or any other disease, are you prepared for another (possibly more severe) shutdown? Can your business withstand another closure? A Private Membership Association is the answer to unconstitutional mandates. When your business is structured as a PMA or Faith Based Ministry, it isn’t subject to public mandates because you’re operating in the private domain.

How can you protect yourself? In addition to stocking up on supplies and food, consider putting practical protections in place so you can lawfully remain open for business as long as you and your members see fit. 

You may also want to have CD on hand. It has been shown to be effective against ebola on surfaces, and in  fighting infection as well. You can learn more about how to obtain CD, and where to source books for DIY treatment protocols in my Resource Library

Please share this message. Informed people are powerful people.

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