The Magical Chlorine Dioxide 

What is chIorine dioxide and why is it so magical? 

I was first introduced to the wonders of chlorine dioxide via an interview with Dr. Andreas Kalcker. I knew instantly my life was forever changed, although it would be months before I actually got my hands on the stuff. If you haven’t heard about this ‘miracle treatment’ that heals everything from cancer to Covid and most anything in between, you’re in for a treat 😉

CD has been used to purify drinking water for something like 70 years. A few decades ago, a guy named Jim Humble discovered that it cured malaria…and then went on to learn that it treated a LOT of other conditions too. He dubbed it Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS. It’s an antibacterial, antiviral, antipathogen, antiparasitic. It detoxes heavy metals and other poisons.  It heals autoimmune conditions. CD is also effective for blood clotting since it’s a blood thinner/anticoagulant.

So Jim Humble introduced the use of the solution for myriad health benefits. Then, Dr. Kalcker took up the torch, doing his PhD research using CD to effectively treat cancer in animals. Dr. Kalcker is also credited with perfecting the dosage for a variety of applications (including treatment of autism) and published an impressive study of treating Covid with chlorine dioxide as well. 

It took a little digging to locate a trusted supplier… shoutout to my pharmacist friend for her help. You don’t buy it pre-made because it has a short shelf life. Rather, you order a kit that supplies you with the two regents that you then mix together (hello, high school chemistry class!), add to water, and drink. When mixed and administered correctly, it is quite safe.* It smells like bleach, but it’s actually a very different molecule. It is NOT bleach. 

My discovery of CD prompted my decision to form a Ministry, so I could be free to share this important information with others. Of course, it’s not approved for health treatment through the ‘traditional channels’ and understandably so. When a health treatment is so cheap and so effective for so many ailments, it will never be approved by the traditional channels. 

If you’d like to dive in, my shortcuts to CD are available in the Library of Resources. There I share links and a ‘how to’ video I made, putting all my research at your fingertips. My hope is that you’ll find this a valuable and empowering tool to have in your toolbox. Remember, not only is it a health treatment bordering on the miraculous, but it’s also great to have on hand for purifying drinking water in an emergency. 

* The only contraindication I know of is for those taking prescription blood thinners, because CD itself is a blood thinner. If that applies to you, please work with a (preferably alternative, ND or functional medicine) doctor. CD is not a treatment to DIY without knowledge of proper protocols. It could be dangerous if taken incorrectly. Otherwise it is considered quite safe, so don’t let that deter you.

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