The Awakening Is Not What I Thought

The Awakening Is Not What I Thought - Imagine With Erin

I’m betting you’ve heard of the Great Awakening. The shift in frequency that’s occurring as more people begin to align with God, truth and nature? The rise in consciousness in response to thousands of years of human oppression and deception? Well, I don’t know about you but I’m doing it wrong. 

I realized I’ve been trying to prepare by thinking about what could go wrong. How’s it all shake out? As I watch the house of cards come tumbling down, I WANT TO SEE THE FUTURE! I speculate, imagining how it’s all going to go. What will break down first? What should I do about it? I’ve been planning. 

Thinking, thinking, and more thinking.

I think of food becoming scarce and too expensive. Supply chain, fuel and energy issues. Fiat currency, and the recently proposed global digital currency, which can be restricted or shut down at the flick of a switch. Healthcare. Inflation. Creating new systems to bridge to an unknowable future. 

I’m a thinker and researcher. Turns out, I’m doing it wrong.

I’ve learned I’m a Generator in the system of Human Design. My strategy and authority for decision making is not to think. In fact, no one should be thinking in order to make decisions. Our thoughts can only compare, measure, do math and handle the ‘going about’ of things. We can’t think about choices or decisions on how to move forward. Instead, we’re each made to use our very own ‘strategy’ and ‘authority.’ Yours may be different from mine.

As a Generator, I have to wait to respond to something that shows up in my environment. I’ll either feel a ‘yes’, or ‘not now.’ If it’s a yes, I’ll benefit from taking action by having plenty of energy for the action. There is NO thinking involved in this strategy.

So now, I’m deconditioning myself from 47 years of trying to think my way through life. That doesn’t mean I’m not taking action. However, it does mean some of the things I thought were important have moved to the ‘not now’ category. And I’m trying to listen to my gut instead of my thoughts. In Human Design they call it ‘entering the experiment’ of living from strategy and authority.

Interestingly, HD was introduced to help humanity manage our way through the trying times we now face. There’s a 400 year cycle coming to an end in 5 years. According to Ra Uru Hu (the guy who delivered the HD system in 1987) a major energy shift is expected to occur in 2027. This shift is expected to change our priorities for cooperating. For keeping structures together. Apparently, no one is going to care about keeping these collective structures going. Or perhaps we won’t care to participate in them…

In any case, if we live by our strategy and authority, we’ll know how to navigate in the moment we need it. Thinking won’t do.

I’m still acting on my instincts to prepare for the crumbling of society. I’m still working on building bridges to the future. I’m just doing it differently now, as often as I remember.

Less thinking, more feeling the energy rise (or not) from my gut. Yes? Or no, not now?

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Be well and be free,


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