Germ Theory: A Big Fat Lie

Viruses don’t make us sick

I don’t know about you but I’ve always believed that germs can make me sick. That ‘bad’ bacteria and viruses are the enemy. My training as an Esthetician was very focused on sanitation and killing germs. But that all changed at the beginning of Covid.

In the spring of 2020, my research stumbled upon the work of Dr. Tom Cowan and his book The Contagion Myth. As I discovered, the theory that germs make people sick has never been proven. Like, never ever. It’s still just a ‘theory.’ 

Apparently, Louis Pasteur was a big fat liar. He documented the truth about his many failed experiments in his private journals and insisted they never be shared, but eventually the truth came out. As truth tends to do.

What’s fascinating to me (though, not surprising) is that the entire western medical model is based on this lie. It turns out, the more accurate theory is one that arose during the same time period by a contemporary of Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp.

The two researchers were members of the French Academy of Science in the 19th century. While Pasteur was focused on proving that germs make us sick, Bechamp found it was actually the condition of the body, the terrain, that mattered. Unfortunately, Pasteur falsified his research and that’s why his theory won out. 

I came across this podcast explaining the backstory of terrain vs germ theory quite succinctly if you’d like to have a listen.

With all the focus on contagious viruses these days, it can be a real paradigm shift to realize that the very concept of viral contagion is likely a total myth! I’ve found this knowledge quite liberating and hope you will as well.

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