A Human Design Story

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm a 5/1 Sacral Generator on the Cross of Limitation. 

I'm here to help others identify a new way forward, based on what we've learned from the past. 

With my Right Variable mind and brain, I absorb information and store it for others to pull from, like a well. Or as the messenger of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu once said, "like an oracle."

Combined with my oracular gift of instinctively knowing what you need to hear, I have completely open head and ajna centers. This means I can intuitively offer brilliant advice to others, if they're seeking. 

As a 1st Line Being, I'm an Investigator. I research. If I get the 'YES' sacral response, I have the energy to go deeply into a subject until I'm satisfied. 

As a Transpersonal Being, I am here to share those discoveries with others. Not just 'any' others, but my fractal, as we say in Human Design. My people. You.

As a 5/1 profile, my vantage point is about 20 years in the future. You can trust me when I say, we don't have much time. 

The only solution is non compliance. And in order to be truly free, we need to access our inner Strategy and Authority. 

Human Design teaches us how to do that.

I invite you to join me and millions of others in 'the experiment' of living your Human Design Strategy and Authority. 

Cheers to a free future!


This website is my ongoing compilation of all things 'self authority' based on my investigations. I hope you'll appreciate the Resource Library I've created, to help you build your own foundation. 

I do believe those who are living their Strategy and Authority will have an advantage in the coming years as we navigate this time of great change. In fact, it's the very reason this knowledge was delivered. Living Your Design Workshops coming February 2023, reach out if you'd like to get on the waitlist.

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Purify Your Own Water

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Germ Theory: A Big Fat Lie

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What It Means To Have A 508c1a Church

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